While major action on healthcare has not been high on the congressional agenda this year, it is still among the top issues that voters want to hear candidates talk about during their congressional campaigns.

Winning Strategies Washington, the force behind Capitol Vitals, has been diligently analyzing polling and other data over the past 6 months to better understand how voters are thinking about healthcare leading up to this November’s midterm elections and we are pleased to shared the attached presentation.  Most important for healthcare companies – costs remain a top area of concern regardless of party affiliation suggesting continued emphasis on legislative and regulatory efforts to provide relief to consumers.

We hope you find this information helpful and would be pleased to present to your organization on how healthcare is playing in the election and what that means for your business. Click HERE to see our full report.

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Bobby Clark is Of Counsel at Winning Strategies Washington, a DC-based government relations firm, and a co-founder of Concordis: Strategy and Analytics. He previously served as a senior health policy for a senior member of the Energy & Commerce Committee, and most recently for the Department of Health and Human Services during the Obama administration.

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