In light of the elections in Virginia and New Jersey last week, we thought we’d take a look at how states are reacting to what is happening – and not happening – in Washington, DC.  While Congress has been tied up in knots over health care and tax reform, life goes on in the states and officials must navigate the uncertainty emanating from DC.

To that end, we wanted to share the most recent episode of The Hospital Finance Podcast, brought to you by Besler, that features Assemblymen John Bramnick and John DeMaio of the New Jersey State Legislature. Host Michael Passanante gets their take on everything from Medicaid expansion to the opioid crisis. Take a listen below and hear how state officials are tackling some of the most challenging health policy issues.


What are some ways other states are addressing these challenges? Let us know at

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Molly McDonnell is a Principal at Winning Strategies Washington, a DC-based government relations firm. Molly spent several years on Capitol Hill working for a member of the Energy & Commerce Committee with a focus on health care.

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