It’s August, which means officially Washington is in recess.  But it won’t be long before Congress returns in September and will need to act swiftly on a host of legislative items.  One of those items includes reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), a state-federal partnership that was responsible for providing healthcare coverage to approximately 8.5 million low-income children in Fiscal Year 2015.  CHIP technically expires September 30th, but some states’ plans will keep the program functioning in their state for a short while past that deadline.  To get smart quickly on CHIP before September hits, here are a few resources:


A primer on CHIP from the non-partisan Medicaid and CHIP Payment Access Commission


An article from NPR in May 2017 by health reporter Julie Rovner that outlines some of the key considerations for reauthorizing the program.

Interactive Map

An interactive map by the Kaiser Family Foundation that shows state-by-state spending on CHIP.

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Bobby Clark is Of Counsel at Winning Strategies Washington, a DC-based government relations firm, and a co-founder of Concordis: Strategy and Analytics. He previously served as a senior health policy for a senior member of the Energy & Commerce Committee, and most recently for the Department of Health and Human Services during the Obama administration.

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