President Trump has an aggressive wish list for Congress when Members come back in September that includes passing a budget resolution, completing tax reform, and taking another crack at health care reform.

President Trump’s Tweet

But as he has in the past, he’s likely to run into some hurdles on Capitol Hill. Not only are his priorities heavy lifts, but also Congress will be facing a number of big deadlines. Several programs are set to expire or run out of funding at the end of September if Congress fails to act. Many are programs that haven’t been in the headlines or tweeted about, but are important priorities for Members on both sides of the aisle.

Just to name a few:

  • National Flood Insurance Program reauthorization
  • Food and Drug Administration user fees
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • Community Health Centers
  • Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization
  • Certain Medicare “extenders”
  • Coast Guard reauthorization

Not to mention, Congress will also have to fund the government and potentially vote to raise the debt ceiling. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, if you’re reading this, now is a good time to start taking deep breaths. Savor the relatively quiet days of August recess because when September hits it’s going to be fast and furious on Capitol Hill!

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Molly McDonnell is a Principal at Winning Strategies Washington, a DC-based government relations firm. Molly spent several years on Capitol Hill working for a member of the Energy & Commerce Committee with a focus on health care.

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